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Starbucks Vs Dutch Bros

Starbucks Vs Dutch Bros

Where to go and what to drink? These are questions that can plague fans of both Starbucks and Dutch Bros. which one to go to? Which is better quality for the price? These are questions that will be answered. 

First when deciding where you should spend your money it is important to look at how much quality you are getting out of your drink you spent your hard earned money on.

 According to an article on a website angry expresso dutch bros on average will cost less than starbucks. Sometimes up to 1.50$ cheaper. Now for some this may not be a big deal. But for others who get these drinks more often the difference can rack up very quickly

Thunderbird students Judas Angle and Xavier Ridley frequent
Dutch Bros 7 to 8 times a month. In a conversation with Xavier Ridley Xavier commented his favorite drink was the “Dragon Slayer” a popular energy drink. Energy drinks are one of the reasons Dutch Bros appeals not to just coffee fans but Energy drink fans as well. Judas speaked on how he personally likes the golden eagle, a popular coffee served at Dutch Bros. When buying these drinks they go to Dutch bros more frequently because as Xavier puts it”[I feel] like Dutch Bros is closer, cheaper and just better overall. If [I go to] Starbucks I’m much more limited in what I can choose. 

Although there is a price difference Starbucks still has fans who love their coffee and will continue to buy it even if Starbucks were to raise their prices more.   In a conversation with freshman student at Thunderbird Wade Carr Wade commented on how he doesn’t go to starbucks for just the coffee he said “ I love their grilled cheese and other foods that starbucks has its one of the reasons I go there. Some go to Starbucks for the food as well as their specialty drinks which are only available in some parts of the year, incentivising fans to go and have their favorite drink.  

Starbucks does this really well by making fan favorite drinks limited to seasons while still keeping the basic menu. Starbucks Cake Pops are one of the items they change to fit the season. Dutch Bros does have seasonal drinks but most of the time Starbucks is able to beat them out in sales. Last december Starbucks reported a $9425B in revenue just last december while on the other hand Dutch Bros reported a revenue of 254.12 Million dollars. This data is according to articles published by and yahoo finance. This data proves and shows that Starbucks has a better seasonal drink roster on average. 

Fan of Starbucks Coach Little has been drinking their coffee for 15+ years saying” I love coffee I mean I have my keurig and more in my class. At Starbucks I personally get their cold brew coffee. “ When asked if Coach Little saw a price increase in their coffee he commented” Yes I have seen a price increase almost every year.” This price increase can scare away customers in spades.

Starbucks and Dutch Bros have their ups and downs. Dutch Bros has a walk up but nowhere to sit making Starbucks the better choice for Customers trying to get a coffee and work. Overall the answer is depending on the person If the customer feels spending a little more is worth that signature Starbucks taste or its closer to where the customer is located Starbucks is an amazing coffee shop. On the other hand Dutch Bros is cheaper but is more out of the way for most as well as not being as favored. In the end we believe Thunderbird students looking for coffee should go to Starbucks as it is a walk away and is closer by far.

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    Coach LittleMar 15, 2024 at 11:12 am

    Starbucks is closer and we can just walk there after school. I appreciate the information written in this article. Please keep doing a good job for Thunderbird High School. Thank you for the ariticle.