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Do Energy Drinks Cause More Harm Than Good?

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Energy drinks are starting to become more prominent in society as years pass. They are beginning to replace sleep and are mainly used by students who need to be awake for school but did not get enough sleep the previous night. Or, they are used because they help people become more attentive and increase their reaction time when performing a sport. However, there are still many risks associated with them, so people should stay clear of them altogether.

Energy drinks are known to contain large amounts of sugar. One piece of evidence is from the National Library of Medicine which states that “Energy drinks usually contain large amounts of sugar ranging from 21 g to 34 g.” A regular intake of high amounts of sugar can lead to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Another reason why people should limit the amount of energy drinks they have is because of the effects that too much caffeine can create. Caffeine can cause people to become jittery and have an increased risk of panic attacks but it can also cause people to become addicted to it if it is too regularly consumed. Mayo Clinic explains that “People who routinely consume caffeine may develop physical and psychological dependence and may experience withdrawal symptoms if intake is abruptly stopped.” Caffeine should be treated like nicotine because if taken or used too consistently, the body will begin to depend on it, and the withdrawal process can be painful and long. 

Some may say that energy drinks are beneficial because they help people become more alert and awake when they are extremely tired. We already know that the two main ingredients of energy drinks are sugar and caffeine but the combination of the two is what allows your body to stay energized all day and is what allows people to complete the task at hand. Nova Medical Centers reveals that they also help with endurance and “gulping down an energy drink before a workout can help with your performance.” Sometimes people just need a little help staying on guard throughout the day and energy drinks are the most popular and affordable option. If people can limit themselves and not drink more than two or three per week they should be safe. 

However, many energy drinks already contain an unsafe amount of sugar in one can. One can contain 25g – 39g of sugar and The American Heart Association reveals that men should consume no more than 36g of sugar per day and women no more than 25g. Most of these drinks are well within the range of too much sugar.

So, it is safe to say that people should stay clear of energy drinks because they are dangerous to the body and their effects can be detrimental. Finding energy drinks with low amounts of sugar and caffeine is beneficial but people should make sure to limit themselves.

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