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Thunderbird students album choices of 2023

Thunderbird students album choices of 2023

The perfect song. it’s always hard to decide what to listen to when you’re scrolling through Spotify, YouTube music, etc. so what is the best song to listen to from 2023? Well here is what Thunderbird students think are the best albums from 2023.  

Thunderbird students were interviewed during 1st lunch  and asked what their personal favorite albums were of 2023.

When students were asked what their favorite album was, 28 students said “For All The Dogs’ ‘ by Drake was their favorite album of 2023. ” For All The Dogs” is the eighth studio album by Canadian rapper and singer Drake. According to “youtube music”. For All The Dogs was a joy to listen to and performed very well, hitting a lot of the notes. Long time fans of “Drake ” like the album and feel that some of his albums are just nostalgic. In a conversation with freshman Thunderbird student Xavier Ridley when asked his opinion on it he commented”It’s a great album. The improvement of Drake’s musical abilities have grown. I would say it’s better than a lot of his old ones.”  It’s easy to understand why this album is so popular with artists like Yeat and J Cole appearing on it in hit songs showing how Drake can blend stylers amazingly.  

For All The Dogs was a very well made album by one of the most influential artists out right now. Although this is the case some fans feel more lukewarm about this album. In a google review Alex Valentin stated they felt Drake was getting physically older but mentally younger. This album was advertised as a return to form for Drake when Alex felt that this was Drake trying to “ Get with the youngsters of today’s games.” They ended their thoughts by saying that they felt bad saying this about their favorite artist but that they just didn’t enjoy the album. If you are interested in more information about this album a good article is linked here.

Moving on to the next 17 students said their favorite was Travis Scott’s long awaited album “UTOPIA” which Travis released last year to praise by critics all over the world for its amazing features and its wonderful songs. It is the fourth studio album by American rapper Travis Scott.” UTOPIA” was very well received with songs such as “I KNOW?” being highlighted by other artists as a song on repeat for them. 24KGOLDN on Siruisxm’s Golden Pick said that I KNOW? Was a song the artist had on repeat. Furthermore “UTOPIA” felt more like a full fledged return to the essence of Travis Scott. Blending Travis’s style with artists such as: The Weekend, Bad bunny as well as SZA and more in the album. The album did this while still having songs such as “HYAENA” which felt like a full return to Travis Scott’s style shown in rodeo and other albums previously made. If you are  interested in learning more about this album consider checking out the review on it here.

The 3rd highest voted by 15 students said that Dominic Fike sunburn was their favorite album of 2023. Dominic Fike became known after his E.P Don’t Forget About Me Demos with songs like 3 nights and babydoll becoming many new fans favorite songs. Dominic Fike’s Sunburn is the artists second studio album containing singles such as Mama’s Boy and Mona Lisa which was featured in Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse.  Sunburn shows us what Dominic has been working on since his last album and how recent events over these past few years have affected him and as well as his thought process when making these songs. Sunburn gives us a glance into the artist’s thoughts. Sunburn does an amazing job at blending pop rock and rap throughout all of its songs. 

Overall these albums are a joy to listen to after a long day while laying in bed.These 3 albums are the top 3 voted by Students at Thunderbird. Remember when looking for a new song to listen to these albums will be there for you.

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  • M

    Mrs. GregoryFeb 16, 2024 at 2:22 pm

    Listening to Utopia now…I hope I don’t get flagged by GoGuardian.

    • K

      Kale Burkett CristMar 6, 2024 at 1:27 pm

      Hope you enjoy the album! I wrote a review on it and it was fun to listen to.