Titan Girls Varsity Soccer Preview


Emma Lunceford, Staff Writer

The World Cup has us all on the edge of our seats lately so some may not be very interested in high school soccer but this year’s team has it in the bag. We are so excited to kick this year’s soccer season off.

There is a significant amount of potential in the Thunderbird Girls Varsity Soccer team this year with an amazing coach and two incredible team captains to lead them through the season. “The 2022-23 team is working hard and will be competitive throughout the season. The varsity team is lacking depth so staying healthy and eligible for all matches will be extremely important. We have a very busy next 4 weeks with a preseason tournament and many season games in December. We hope to start well and have a strong finish to the season making a top 24 finish.” said Coach Angelo Lozzo. Lozzo is pushing and working this team to its limit to get them ready for this season and it will be great. The team’s response is pushing themselves as well as their teammates through the season.

Aizza Correa is one team captain for the varsity team and she said, “During this season I plan on being a good teammate and leader for my team. I would help them with anything they need and encourage them to be a better athlete.” She is ready to help her team in any way she can and is more than capable of it. Her co-captain is Kirtsy Cook who said, “One thing I am excited about this upcoming season is traveling to far-away games!” The team is going to a variety of places this season some of which are up to three hours away. They will be traveling to Flagstaff as well as Surprise. They will also be playing the Yuma Criminals which is quite a drive. The team is ready to conquer the season with aggression and confidence with amazing leaders and strong players.