Quotes From a Second Grade Class


Kaley Gottschling and Keira Gottschling, Staff Writer

What did you think high school was like when you were a kid? We delved into the minds of local second graders to hear their assumptions of high school life. 

At first, we asked second graders what they thought high school would be like. To sum it up, the first group of kids said the high school will be a fun, boring, and awesome time. However, the second group of kids thought high school would simply be fun. Student Kingston’s reasoning was “because you can say yes or no [to questions, and] “talk about characters and all your favorite games.” Student Mila thought, “It will be chaos! Because I like chaos!” The group even had some questions for us, such as “do you have lockers?” and “do you get to skip?” Though unfortunately, Thunderbird only uses lockers for PE class and sports teams, and skipping class will earn you boring detention.

The next question was: “Do you think high schoolers should have recess?” From group one: Maddox does not think high schoolers should have recess because they already have more energy than other people, but student Lucy thinks they should have recess because it is fun and high schoolers can get their energy out. Students Brian and Vanyel, from group two, agreed that high schoolers should have recess because it is important for them to have fun. Eventually, cafeteria food was brought up. We wanted to know if they thought high school food would be better or worse than elementary school food, to which every student in the first group quickly replied: “Way worse!” Mila from group two told us “the food here is better.” The kids were correct in their assumptions.

What would you tell your high school self? The second graders mostly advised themselves to stay focused in high school. Mila said, “I would cause chaos!” but her second piece of advice was to also be proud and strong. Additionally, both high school and elementary schools have clubs, so we wondered what activities they would take part in. Some students had ideas for their own clubs. Student Owen told us, “I would make a monster truck club…you can smush people,” and Lucy shared that she would make a mermaid club. After giving the groups some examples of clubs we have at Thunderbird, student Maelle said she would join the outdoors club, and many students said they would join the chess and game clubs. We also asked: “If you could teach your class for a day, what would you do?” Lucy said she would teach her peers about art, Owen would play soccer at recess all day, and Maddox would teach the class about Youtube and Minecraft.

Despite the age gap, high schoolers and second graders have more interests and opinions in common than you may think. We hope that in the future they get to do fun science experiments like Owen, play Roblox like Kingston, and even make the football game theme “bananas” like Mila.