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Thunderbird Vending Machines Could Be Reasonably Improved


At Thunderbird High School, vending machines can provide students with a great many refreshing drinks. Although, there are still many ways that we can improve our vending machines. One way of doing this is to disperse more around campus. Thunderbird really only has vending machines in three places, with many of the vending machines being grouped there. For example, there are three vending machines by the entrance to the media center alone. It is understandable that these vending machines should be there because it is where most students will go to hang out after school, but moving one would increase convenience in other high-traffic areas around campus.

Another improvement that could be made to the vending machines is to paint the bars covering many of the vending machines. The rusty, old, plain bars that protect these vending machines are quite ugly to look at. It may be a good idea to clean them up with a bucket of paint or two. These vending machines would then stand out more, potentially increasing the amount of drinks sold.

Although some are appeased by Thunderbird’s current vending machine status, and say that it is  not too tricky to walk across campus, or to look at the bare vending machines. There is still much improvement that can be made by doing this. Convenience is supposedly the purpose of all vending machines. And it isn’t too convenient to walk halfway across the bright, sunny campus to get a drink. Finally, this is why improvements must be made to our school vending machines.

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