The Corn Kid: A New A-maize-ing Internet Sensation

It's Corn - Songify This ft. Tariq and Recess Therapy

Ian Johnson, Editor

Corn is causing a storm as the infamous Corn Kid’s love for the vegetable floods social media.

In early August, 7 year old Tariq was interviewed by Julian Shapiro-Barnum in Brooklyn Park, New York. He was creating  a video for the TikTok Account, @recesstherapy. At the time of the interview Traqi “the Corn Kid” was enjoying some roasted corn from a vendor in the park. This began the conversation. 

Tarqi: For me, I really like corn.

Julian: What do you like about corn?

Tarqi: Ever since I was told that corn was even real it tasted good

It was this interaction that gained so much attention on the internet and even the introduction of the Corn Kid Song

Julian: Did you think corn wasn’t real?

Tarqi: And when I tried it with butter… everything changed

Tarqi’s comment about not believing in corn was wholesome and funny to many viewers, including students at Thunderbird. Senior Kimberly Rivas shares, “I think it was a wholesome moment for a little kid. I honestly love it and giggle every time I see him.” The TikTok video was short, but it went viral almost instantly. All around campus you can always hear at least one person singing along to “It’s Corn,” a song produced by The Gregory Brothers.  

Who knew a small boy who traveled from South Dakota to New York would soon become a viral sensation and even title of the “Corn- bassador” of his home state?