Swift’s Lavender Haze


Ashley Swaw, Editor

The lavender haze has crept up on us, and Ms.Taylor Swift has blessed us with the long-awaitedLavender Hazemusic video.

First and foremost, this music video’s cinematography is absolutely stunning, but that does not even scratch the surface. From the gorgeous purple mist throughout the video to the cgi that only added to the film’s craft, it was definitely one of Swift’s best music videos yet. It also painted an incredible picture for an already fantastic song. It’s unquestionably safe to say that this music video was well worth the wait. It also broke barriers by showcasing a trans man as Swift’s love interest. Junior Alex Weston stated best the importance of this addition”… a massive step in showing that being trans doesn’t have to be the main focus.” Hopefully, Swift’s actions unlock more doors for the trans community.

Released on January 26, this video not only answered the requests of many yearning Swifties but also raised new questions about what is next for Swift. I think it is safe to say none of us Swifties will be getting out of the lavender haze after the release of the “Lavender Haze” music video.