New “On My Block” Spinoff “Freeridge” Comes to Netflix: A Preview

Carley Brown, Staff Writer

If you are an “On my Block” fan, you probably thought the show’s fourth and final season would be the last you would see of the series. You were mistaken, Netflix’s On my Block “Freeridge” is finally here. The show premiered its first season on Feb. 2 and it features a cast full of fresh faces to fill the void of the old cast that was left behind. On Jan. 6, Netflix released the first trailer for the series. In the trailer, the gang are convinced that they’ve unleashed a curse on themselves and have to work together to end it, which is much harder than any of them anticipate. Through the new group of friends, we’ll explore a Freeridge we haven’t seen before. 

“On my Block” followed Monse, Jamal, Ruby, and Cesar as they navigated friendship and teenage hardships in their South Central Los Angeles neighborhood and high school. The show touched on deeper subjects like racism, gang violence, and PTSD throughout its four seasons. “Freeridge” also touches on similar dynamics and storylines. It explores an unseen side of the neighborhood with the new friend group, Gloria, Ines, Cam, and Demi. Where “On my Block” was led by the boys, “Freeridge” is driven by the girls. “On my Block” delved into the brotherhood between Cesar and Oscar (Spooky) Diaz, Freeridge puts sisterhood front and center. Gloria and Ines are handling adolescence and grief in their own ways, not really understanding each other’s way of processing. One minute they’re arguing and throwing fists, the next they’re having heartfelt conversations about each other’s strength. Various throwbacks to the legendary Roller World money roam throughout and characters from On my Block pop up every now and then. 

After everyone grew up and moved on from On my Block, Freeridge is the perfect way to return to the familiar neighborhood. Netflix promises that the spinoff will follow yet another unforgettable adventure.