Semester Two Band Recap

Vinni Storer, Staff Writer

Many believe that music is the strongest form of magic. If this is true, then our Advanced Band is full of magicians. Within this semester alone, our Advanced Band has put an abundance of energy and work into their performances. But, every story has a beginning, so this one shall as well. 

At the beginning of the new semester, our band introduced two new members, including Genesis Lio, a sophomore. She began learning how to play the flute, and within a few short months, she is already playing advanced music,

We began fundraising by selling new hoodies which display our school name and a variety of instruments. Other fundraisers included Pie in the Sky where the Jazz band performed a variety of songs and saxophone players were paid to play obnoxious classics for specific people, Fancloth where new Titan band merchandise was sold, and even selling The World’s Finest Chocolate Bars. On April 6 the Jazz bands hosted a jazz night at La Dolce Vita.

On February 28, the Titan band hosted their annual Spring concert. The band also performed at the District festival where they received a “Superior with Distinction.” Soon after, they attended the Area Festival where they received an “Excellent.” The Band performed the National Anthem and the Diamondbacks game on the 25 of April where they performed with other Glendale Union high schools. On April 28, the Band attended the Arizona State Festival where they received, yet again, an “Excellent.” 

After receiving new awards, several service projects were held to hang new awards around the band room. The practice rooms are home to several awards the Thunderbird band has received throughout the years.

Years of hard work have come to an end for so many of our performers. Hailey Hernandez, senior, claims, “Time flies when you’re creating the best memories.” She elaborates by affirming that it sounds cliche, but it is significantly true. Nathan Wheeler, senior, stated that “Band is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and even family. I am going to miss the people.” Most of our seniors can agree that through the band, they have made so many friends and memories. 

Although this year is coming to an end, another season is just beyond the horizon. To prepare for marching season, the Titan band has conducted several training sessions, as well as announced new leadership. Look forward to another amazing year and show.