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Spongebob Musical Preview

Courtesy of Spongebob Animation Team

The Thunderbird Spongebob musical will be arriving early next year.

The show debuts February 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

The play will be a musical that revolves around Spongebob and the cast of the show.

It will be family-friendly of course. When asked how Ms Baur-Spano thinks it will impact the general community, she commented: “One of the reasons I chose this play is because I think it is gonna be a great community builder because everyone knows Spongebob and it is for all ages.”

This was important to Ms. Baur-Spano, when thinking about what play to choose next she wanted something that could attract a broader audience. 

While Macbeth was amazing, she wanted something more people knew. In the same interview with Ms. Baur-Spano we asked her more questions about the musical. One of the questions asked to her was how this play was going to be different and what new things she was going to try. She stated, “I think for this play the newer things we are going to try is having moving on and off set pieces.” This little detail is very exciting because it means that the musical won’t be held down by the same obstacles Macbeth had as in that play they had to go on the same set. This would translate in the performance by making it harder to portray certain scenes.  This is a major step as moving set pieces will make it so they can improve upon said problems  Macbeth had to deal with.

We also talked to the cast and crew listed here as a Q&A format 

We interviewed Annabelle Randle, Sophomore  (Assistant Stage Manager,) 

Chloe Wood, Sophomore  (Larry the Lobster)  Autumn Lee, Senior (Gary the snail)

   Why did you join Spongebob the musical?

Annabelle: I’m actually not that into Spongebob but I did wanna continue doing theater work so this was the next step.

Chloe: I was in a musical last year.

Autumn:  musicals are really fun and I loved SpongeBob as a kid 

   What do you think you will do in this performance?

Autumn: I’m gonna meow my heart out as Gary the Snail.

Chloe: I think I will do good. I will be the biggest lobster.

Annabelle: I think it will be so much more organized from the tech side as we have more people working hard to make it better.

Overall it is very exciting that Thunderbird is hosting a musical about such a unique property. We implore you to check it out when the time comes.


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