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Frank Ocean’s Impact On The Music Industry And His Fans


    Christopher Beaux known as Frank Ocean has two officially released albums with “Channel Orange” winning Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2013. Ocean’s music has touched hearts and helped people all across the world in ways other artists strive to do. Ocean’s music is a deep dive into his life and experiences from love, heartbreak, acceptance, and much more. In addition to Ocean’s career in music, he has not dropped an album since 2016, which led to people questioning his love for music and his fans, but Ocean still has over 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify. This shows that no matter how old his music is, people will still listen and enjoy the music he has given to the world.

   With one of the most loyal fan bases in the music industry, people always wonder why Ocean does not drop more music for his beloved fans. And the main reason for this issue is the loss of his little brother in 2020. Ocean’s brother was his main reason to get into music, losing him also meant losing his will to produce and release music. On top of that, Ocean said at his most recent Coachella performance he and his brother used to attend the festivals together, and performing at Coachella once again showed how his music has impacted people from all over the world, and no matter how many years he is away from the music industry, his fans will come out and show out for any performance he is involved in.

   Furthermore, Ocean’s music has reached the hearts of multiple artists, rappers, singers, producers, Politicians, and other famous people. This list consists of Rihanna, Trevor Noah, Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, SZA,  Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Andre 3000, Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Lil Yachty, and many more that love not only Frank Ocean’s music but him as a person. These high-level people in the world love Frank Ocean and everything he has brought to this world with his music.

   To add to the previous statement, Talk Show host and comedian Trevor Noah stated he came alive when he listened to Blonde by Frank Ocean in a tweet. R&B legend Rihanna stated the thrill of meeting Frank Ocean has yet to wear off in an interview. W Magazine also stated this in an article. “Frank Ocean was a special guest at Barack Obama’s final state dinner at the white house in 2016.” And Barack Obama put “Chanel Orange” on his annual playlist in 2017. The 44th president of the United States was even touched by Ocean’s first studio album and went so far as to invite him to the White House. This shows how impactful Frank Ocean’s music truly is.

   One actor who was touched by Ocean’s music on a personal level was Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt stated in an interview with GQ Style “I find this young man so special” referencing Frank Ocean and also said  Ocean’s music was a key contributor to his post-divorce enlightenment. A man who was going through a lot on the love aspect of life was comforted by Ocean’s beautiful and personal music. Ocean puts his harsh feelings of love, commitment, regret, and pain into his music. Pitt felt that Ocean has gone through so much as well and hearing him put the feelings he is going through in a song helps Pitt relate to such a successful and loving person like Ocean, and ultimately helped him get through a rough patch in his life.

   Frank Ocean has an impact on all of his listeners across the world, high-level people in the music industry, actors, and politicians like no other.  This shows Ocean has secured himself as one of the most influential and impactful artists of this generation. Even with the little music he has officially released over the years, his music has still touched the hearts of millions and will continue to as time goes on.


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