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Thunderbird’s Crabulous Musical Takes Off! – Spongebob Musical Review

Credit: Xavier Romero

Thunderbird High School held its fin-tastic 2024 Spongebob the Musical during the nights of February 23 and 24, with a matinee on the 25th. 

The plot of the musical follows a typical day in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob goes about his day until an emergency news report rushes in. Every citizen in Bikini Bottom panics with news of Mount Humongous’s eruption rapidly approaching. The musical then plays out to the question: Is this the end of Bikini Bottom? Spongebob and friends come up with a plan to save their town. Along the way, schemes are crafted, and friends turn against each other. 

The play itself takes on a light-hearted, comedic tone. It was definitely a play for people looking for something entertaining, lighter-story focused, and funny. The actors did a fantastic job emulating their characters. They really brought the characters of Bikini Bottom to life, making the play itself feel like an extended episode of Spongebob. 

According to Xavier Romero, sophomore Sienna Meyer, the actor who played Sandy, did a spectacular job at capturing the energy of her character. He also added that Plankton’s actor, senior Andrew Stark, stole the spotlight on many occasions, especially during the one song “When the Going Gets Tough”.

As far as set design and direction goes: wonderfully crafted. Xavier reiterated the point, saying, “The set design was impressive. A lot of effort was put into the play. The Krusty Krab sign and [the] Karen prop really stood out.” 

Furthermore, the crew utilized bright pinks and vibrant blues in the lighting, capturing the underwater feel of Bikini Bottom. This immersion was only heightened with the addition of hilarious slapstick sound effects provided by the stage crew. 

Though a few mic problems arose, it did not affect the quality and wonderful performance displayed in the musical. The crew excelled in both acting and directing, and it showed. Everyone involved in the play, along with the people who attended, should be proud of what was accomplished.

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