Phoenix Under Construction

Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

Construction in Phoenix is always a big topic of discussion, but after Covid-19, there has been an increase in construction within the city.

According to AZ Big Media, “In 2021 alone, about 557,000 single family building permits for single family homes and 437,000 multifamily units were issued in these metros collectively, the most in the entire decade.” Since there is an increase in people living in Arizona, more homes have had to be built. In addition said, “Phoenix is one of a handful of markets that saw a lot of growth in 2020 and 2021. Construction volume is expected to remain steady through the early part of the decade. 2021 is looking like the market’s peak, but spending in the next few years is significantly higher than before the pandemic.” Construction has started to boom, and the city is seeing an increase in production and working opportunities after the pandemic. According to, “the continued economic recovery makes Phoenix a city where workers want to live — because there are jobs — and because there is a robust workforce, more companies want to build.”  As a result of this many roads will continue to be closed which will lead to traffic throughout the city and possibly create aggravation with people. Many people who are also involved with construction are deciding to live in Phoenix as construction continues to grow here, which are resulting in more construction workers, making construction a growing and demanding industry. 

Freshman student Robert Bell said, “Construction is sometimes making me late and causing traffic, I feel like I see it everywhere.”  As shown by this construction continues to grow and affect people’s lives in different ways. 

The need for new building projects and construction itself is rapidly growing. As more people move to Phoenix the need for more housing and buildings grows. Arizionans can expect to see an increase in construction projects for the next few years.